Camisería Burgos: Regal Shirtmakers of Madrid

Camisería Burgos is a Spanish shirtmaker of regal standing and one of Madrid’s best kept sartorial secrets (but we had to let the cat out of the bag…).
King Felipe Vl of Spain in Cuba. (Photo by Carlos R. Alvarez/Wirelmage/Getty).

Founded in 1906 by Julian P. Burgos – and then acquired by Mr. Santiago Olave – Burgos is the distinctly Iberian take on classic shirting, and the oldest camisería in the country. If there’s one thing the Spanish are unapologetic about, it is the quality and tradition of their heritage brands – and Burgos is no different. "Everything is made in Spain," says Carmen Olave, who steers the brand, "we look to the past, but we also think people should wear our shirts however they want!"

In their third generation, still run by the Olave family, they are adapting slightly to suit the changing times; but one look at their range of shirts and outerwear, and it is safe to say that none of the old-school flavour is forfeited in the pursuit of modernity. Nor should it be. The house style has a British nuance, with thick wools and herringbones (like their green safari jacket) and exaggerated checks and collars – all signatures of the Spanish style. The Highlander tone of their outerwear is partly because the brand is associated with the upper-class, who would wear these types of pieces out when hunting. "It’s a big tradition here, and unlike in other places around the world, requires a formal dress," says Carmen. She remembers growing up visiting her family’s iconic Madrid store, "and meeting so many impressive people." Burgos is still commissioned by Spain’s royal family to this day, as its premier camisería. "He (King Felipe VI) recently wore a beautiful blue piece with buttoned pockets… It was all over the Spanish media!" she says proudly.


    November 2019


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