Camoshita United Arrows: New Season Simplicity

The new season collection from Camoshita United Arrows is an offering of elegant spring-ready staples, crafted in the most luxurious of fabric blends.

In the world of menswear, Yasuto Kamoshita is considered something of a sartorial superstar. An impeccable dresser with exquisite taste, he is one of the most photographed men on the style circuit, so you’ll no doubt recognise him from the countless blogs and magazines he regularly graces. His influence is no mystery: consistently channelling a relaxed elegance, he has come to embody Ivy League style, a strand of contemporary Japanese menswear that evolved from the campuses of American colleges in the late 1950s. He effortlessly integrates soft, Italian-style silhouettes for a skilfully-crafted look that prioritises balance, form and fabrics - think relaxed utility-inspired tailoring, boxy collared shirts and penny loafers (sanssocks),favouringa subdued colour palette, clean lines and delicate prints.

It isan aesthetic that has been excellently encapsulated by Kamoshita’s quasi-eponymous label, Camoshita United Arrows (the 'C' replaces the 'K' for an Italian twist), an offshoot of popular Japanese label United Arrows, which he co-founded in 1989 with his friendsHirofumi Kurino and Osamu Shigematsu. The brand was established in 2007 and has proven a huge success around the world thanks to its unique yet wearable designs. Despite its international influences , it has a distinctly Japanese feel, with all pieces handcrafted in Japan,in adherence with the country’s meticulous standards of quality.


    Aobh O'Brien-Moody


    March 2020


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