Caroline Andrew: A Cutting Edge

A long-time friend of The Rake, we are delighted to introduce British Tailor Caroline Andrew’s inaugural ready-to-wear collection to our e-commerce fold.

Caroline Andrew is no stranger to hard work and dedication to her craft. So much so in fact, that in 2020 she was awarded the Bright Young Thing accolade by Mayfair Times. A highly-respected and extremely talented tailor, Caroline focuses on traditional hand-crafted British suits for both men and women, believing that beauty and functionality serve a central purpose: to enrich and simplify the life of modern individuals.

    True to her belief, she infuses Savile Row cutting and tailoring techniques with her clean and minimalist design to create her signature style. One of the many tailors initially affected by Covid-19 and subsequent lockdowns, she kept working hard behind the scenes to develop her brand through the power of social media. From showcasing fittings for male and female clients, of which many are popular celebrities, she managed to retain her ardent following which puts her in good stead as London slowly reopens its doors.


    March 2021


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