Caroline Andrew Donates Bespoke Suit for Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction

Caroline Andrew kindly donates bespoke suit for Revolution x The Rake Covid-19 Solidarity Auction.


Caroline Andrew

Bespoke Suit

Caroline Andrew brings feminine flair to Savile Row

British female entrepreneur Caroline Andrew is a face to follow in Mayfair.

Fresh from winning the Mayfair Times ‘Bright Young Thing’ award in 2020, she is the first woman to own a tailoring business in 11 Saint George Street, and is set to revolutionize the iconic neighbourhood with her bespoke offering, which is already drawing a young, discerning and diverse audience.

Having recently designed the wedding suit of Britain’s golden boy of isolation, Joe Wicks, Caroline is lauded by the next generation of power dressers, and counts fashion icon Jack Guinness and model and LGBTQ+ activist Munroe Bergdorf amongst her fans. Not forgetting her biggest following of everyday business suit wearers, amongst whom include FTSE board directors, senior executives in the city and beyond.

Highly skilled in designing for both men and women, her inclusive, contemporary attitude towards tailoring stands out in what is a male dominated industry that hasn’t changed much in the past few hundred years.

Caroline is a breath of fresh air on Savile Row, a young, ambitious female designer, educated at the London College of Fashion. She’s taking on the boys in their own backyard, and quickly building a name for herself with her confident, contemporary tailoring.

Caroline’s aesthetic is characterised by clean silhouettes, sharp lines for business and formal events, and more relaxed soft lines for casual parties. Generally less means more, making the simple feel elegant and understated. But the customer is always at the centre of her work.

For her, Made To Measure isn’t just a service, it’s a mindset, defined by the relationship between the tailor and the person they are creating a suit for. The experience she creates, from that first consultation to the final fitting, is collaborative, relaxed and unpretentious.

In many ways, Millennials are no different to their parents, The Baby Boomers. They want quality and they are happy to pay it. But they also crave unique experiences, fresh perspectives, and prefer a more down to earth, personable service.

That’s why the fashion forward and the classic dresser alike are heading in droves to Caroline Andrew.

The auction is now live - please click here to make a bid.

The retail value of the suit is £4300


Hugo Curran


June 2020


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