Cary Grant's Guide to the Perfect Classic Suit

One of the best-dressed men ever reveals his sartorial philosophy.

As the sage Kanye West once Tweeted, 'Suits is an expensive addiction.' Yeezy speaks the truth, particularly when you're talking the British bespoke or high-end Italian handmade sort.

That's why it's always best to look at a suit as a long-term investment, and hedge against the loopy cycles of fashion by going with something relatively classic and timeless, which you'll be able to wear for years to come - and hopefully, pass down to your descendants.

But just what is classic? What defines the Platonic ideal of sartorial timelessness? In a late-'60s article for the now-defunct This Week magazine, a man broadly regarded as having been one of the most stylish gents of all time, Cary Grant, succinctly laid out his philosophy of personal style and how to select - or indeed, bespeak - the perfect classic suit:


    March 2022


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