CDLP: Boxing above their weight

Established in 2016 by two Swedish friends in hot pursuit of elevating undergarments from necessity to ceremonial choice, CDLP have now entered the fray with luxurious tailored-casual clothes for the domestic environment.

In the conversation of one another’s apparel – a new shoe, jacket or suit is usually a talking point. Privately though a gentleman places the same importance on the quality of his undergarment collection. Best friends since their first meeting in business school, Christian Larson and Andreas Palm recognised that men’s underwear so far had fallen short of the intoxicating world of its women’s counterpart. Plus, on a more humorous note, the sight of each other’s outlandish undies when they were sharing hotel rooms on frequent work trips was becoming increasingly laughable. Nothing wrong with pants with dodgy logos, but they decided there was an opportunity to produce underwear and later loungewear that better reflected an individual’s style. Larson says: “Our mission is to elevate it from a necessity to a garment you choose”.


    Freddie Anderson


    February 2021


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