Christoph Waltz: BMW

Two-time Oscar winner and former cover star of The Rake magazine Christoph Waltz, is in fact on BMW’s creative board. It makes him well-placed to feature in the video introducing the new iX from the great German car manufacturer.

“It’s no sales pitch, it is something that fulfils the basic dramatic requirement of differing opinions [on the car] and the professional happens to be the CEO of BMW.” A deliciously slick precis of the recently uploaded YouTube video that introduces the new iX by BMW. The line comes from the video’s other protagonist, who happens to be two-time Oscar winner Christoph Waltz. On release of this new short, which is not part of an advertising campaign but rather “little narrative vignettes” for the brand, we caught up with Mr. Waltz, who we last spoke to back at the beginning of 2020 before the word ‘lockdown’ had been ushered into our everyday lexicon.

The New iX, introduced to Waltz by Oliver Zipse in the video and available only for pre-order, breaches the most advanced capabilities of electric cars on the market. It is a glimpse at the future and at what is possible, though behind the scenes what comes after that appears to be mapped out. Waltz says: “It is funny we went into the design labs and the little that they could disclose, you’d think you were in a science-fiction movie because they are evolving and anticipating evolution and that is fascinating. The prospective possibilities, the weighing of eventualities is a really fascinating thing.”



December 2020


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