Cigars: Cut out for Christmas

The Rake’s Editor-in-Chief Tom Chamberlin picks out a consummate selection of cigars for the festive break.

Everyone has their Christmas vice, it is a paradise for the glutton. We gorge and merrily partake in the festival of more, and with the frightful weather outside and delightful fires inside, who can blame us? Making large dents in my humidor is my vice, and with cigars on the mind I thought it may be useful to give you a list that should see you into 2022 in great, combustible company. Head on over to our great friends Edward and Eddie Sahakian at Davidoff on Jermyn Street and stock up…


Aged and Rare cigars from Hunters & Frankau: The UK is very fortunate to have Hunters & Frankau. The 230-year-old importer of Cuban cigars run by Jemma Freeman has maintained a continued special relationship with Habanos, which has guaranteed the best quality cigars which smokers can rely on. Every time a cigar comes in to market, they put a few boxes aside for aging, in what they call their House Reserve. Some no longer exist due to market pressures but those that do, every now and then reach their aging potential, and they release them in what they call their Aged and Rare range. There will be nothing in here that isn’t astonishing in taste and quality. You may see the presentation humidors in cigar terraces and merchant’s humidors but smoking any of these is getting a glimpse of what makes Cuban Cigars equal in stature to any Haut-Brion or Puligny-Montrachet.


    December 2021


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