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CodeDecember 2017

Christmas Gift Guide: Grooming Essentials

You don’t have to go full Patrick Bateman to improve your skincare routine; these products will ensure grooming is a pleasure, rather than a chore.


Whilst there are men who’ve defied the downsides of balding, such as Yul Brynner and Stanley Tucci, looking after one’s hair is vitally important. Antica Barbieria Colla is an Italian grooming brand whose products are a blessing to your hair. The Mallow shampoo gives a silky soft finish whilst the Herb Balsam will leave the scalp revitalised. Once your hair has dried, give it some panache with some styling paste from Patricks.

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One should always take care of themselves from the start of each day to the very end. So, perk yourself up following shut-eye or exercise with a fennel and jasmine body wash that’s packed with natural goodness before shedding off the inevitable results of city life by applying Inna’s face scrub. Finally, and especially now the cold weather is creeping in and sucking the moisture from our skin, Chenot’s recovering energising cream will yield immediate results and reduce the signs of ageing.

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Shaving should be a joy rather than a chore. The folk behind Thomas Clipper are well aware of that and their razors are stunning pieces of handmade machinery. Once the grooming routine is complete, the final step is always applying aftershave and Panama’s ’30 contains vanilla, citrus and spicy tobacco notes as well as moisturising properties.

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