Christmas Gift Guide: Rakish Jewellery Edit

From ceramic cufflinks to solid rose gold collar pins, here are some rakish jewellery ideas for Christmas and beyond.
Mr. T in character as B.A. Baracus from The A-Team, proudly sporting his signature gold jewellery, circa 1980s.

Alice Made This’ ceramic cufflinks merge an understated modern design sensibility with fascinating production expertise. Produced in a limited batch of fifty, they’re harder than steel and have been carved using special diamond-impregnated blades. Equally hardy is Marco del Maso’s rugged approach to fine jewellery, which has made him a quick favourite atThe Rake. He takes his inspiration from the world’s traditional warrior cultures, finding ways to articulate the ‘art’ part from the art of war. On the slick, simple and punchy side, this horseshoe ring takes a traditional signet shape and renders it raw, like something freshly pulled from a blacksmith’s forge. Exceptionally cool.

    The pin-collar shirt is well and truly Edward Sexton’s domain, and this rose gold pin presents an elegant and luxurious way to accessorise one. If you’re after a new ring or two, French jeweller Sylvie Corbelin’s oxidised silver Zeus ring takes classical opulence and gives an injection of rock and roll energy. Continuing the theme is one of Britain’s oldest and finest jewellers, Deakin & Francis who are technical traditionalists but with a playful design sensibility that we can’t help but love. These skull cufflinks actually have diamond-set eyes that are revealed when the jaw is opened.

      Alice Made This’ design-led philosophy is evident in their Bancroft cufflinks, crafted by hand by a veteran silversmith in Birmingham. Their brutalism-inspired shape is subtle and unfussy, yet reassuringly solid. Slightly more extravagant are the sharp, flowing lines of Cifonelli’s stylised cufflinks, which are perfect for teaming with fine suiting. For something a little more industrial, Tobias Wistisen’s hefty script bangle is the result of meticulous handcraft, carried off with grungy flair.



        December 2017


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