Christmas Gift Guide: The Outdoorsman

If you’re spending your holiday break among nature and animals (and no, we don’t mean the in-laws), stay stylish while you do so and add these must-haves to your wish list.
Prince Charles, the ultimate outdoorsman, wears a wax jacket and flat cap at a hunt in 1979.

The wax jacket is as synonymous with the British outdoors as labradors and wellington boots. We (regrettably) don't sell cute canines, but we do have the only wax jacket worth investing in; Private White V.C.'s twin track, a stylish hybrid of the M-65 and a biker jacket. It also doesn't look out of place in the city, making it a versatile gift that gets better with wear.

    Nourishing hand-cream makes a thoughtful gift for the man who spends his time getting his hands dirty building snowmen and chopping the Christmas tree down, and a firmly placed corduroy baker boy hat provides a legitimate excuse not to wear a paper crown (or worse) on Christmas day.

      Jodphur boots originated in India and were worn to play the game of polo, so by default are longwearing and sturdy. Fittingly, Carmina's vegano leather version also happens to be made to the brand's 'Forest' last, so will be right at home in the outdoors. Don't forget a little Saphir shoe polish to bring them back to their former glory after an afternoon hack.


        December 2017


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