Christmas Gift Guide: The Tailoring Know-It-All

The tailoring connoisseur is an inevitably difficult person to buy for, so we’ve done the hard work for you…
Cary Grant, one of the 20th century's best-tailored men, ties his tie, 1955. Photo by Alamy.

Edward Sexton's first ever piece of ready-to-wear clothing strikes the perfect balance between nostalgic, seventies rock-and-roll and razor sharp British tailoring. It's impossible to buy bespoke for someone else, yet this jacket is a considered option and makes for an exceptionally cool gift. Although exceptionally generous, it's an investment that will give a lifetime of gratification – for you and the receiver.

    A classic striped shirt one can wear every day by a comparatively lesser-known brand shows consideration and, in the case of Cordone 1956, good taste. Handmade in Italy, the nature of the craft means that every product is unique and beautifully finished. Easily combined with a favourite navy blazer, it's a crowd-pleaser and has the added bonus of giving the wearer bragging rights when everyone else eventually catches on to Cordone.

      The most carefully curated tailoring collection means little if it's not maintained correctly, so why skimp on a clothes bag? Forget the flimsy versions some shops will give you for free and invest in one that will last as long as your tailoring should. Rubinacci's deerskin leather example is deceptively simple-looking, but actually includes spacious pockets to tuck one's silk scarf along with any other accessories needed to complete the look.



        December 2017


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