Christmas Gift Guide: Underwear and Sleepwear

Is there a more timeless Christmas gift than underwear? Simple, practical, eminently usable… But the underwear market is a big one – where to begin when undertaking such an endeavour?
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For someone who appreciates the classics, Emma Willis makes some of the finest traditional boxers. Handmade at its Gloucester factory, they’re crafted using the same care and attention to detail as the brand's shirts, using the finest Swiss cottons. On the sportier side of things, Hamilton & Hare is an expert in the field; their lyocell and cotton briefs and trunks are comfortable, breathable and hard-wearing - great choices for those leading active lifestyles or travelling regularly.

    And then there are socks, arguably the most unfairly-maligned Christmas gift of all. Socks are the unappreciated heroes of the gentleman’s wardrobe, elegantly tying an ensemble together, or perhaps introducing a welcome pop of colour. And like all good festive things, they’re best experienced in multiples. Pantherella’s Laburnum sock set offers beautiful woolen socks in a range of colours curated byThe Rake- perfect for replenishing someone’s collection, or steering a wayward dresser towards the light. For those with formal events on the horizon, Falke’s silk sock set has them sewn up.

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    Naturally, comfort is paramount when reclining after-hours as well, perhaps with a cigar and an Old Fashioned close at hand, and luxurious pyjamas are the ideal attire. There’s a real sense of opulence to Rubinacci’s silk sets, whilst Anderson & Sheppard’s brushed cotton pyjamas are unimpeachable for comfort. And what better way to complete one’s ensemble than with a silk robe? For such things, New & Lingwood are the absolute last word, and we love their iconic peacock motif, created in an exclusive colourway for The Rake.


      December 2017


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