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    CodeFebruary 2018

    Valentine’s Gifts for the One Who Matters Most (You)

    One of the many upsides to being a singleton on Valentine’s Day is the excuse to spoil yourself guilt-free, says The Rake‘s resident bachelor.

    captionRoger Moore surrounded by fans as he smokes a cigar and drinks champagne, 1973.

    Without a doubt, Chapal has the finest offering of leather-based outerwear at this moment in time and the AE jacket, which comes in tobacco suede and takes its name from the aviator Amelia Earhart who was the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, is simply awesome. I’d wear it with a white T-shirt and a pair or raw selvedge denim jeans that are made in England for a cool and casual look.

    • chapal-tobacco-ae-1932-suede-jacket
    • naked-clothing-white-jersey-t-shirt
    • blackhorse-lane-indigo-e5-relaxed-tapered-organic-denim-jean

    I’m in need of a few simple ties at the moment and an infinite amount of prints and patterns coming in various materials and textures gets me flustered. So instead, I’d rather keep it simple. A polkadot tie will never go amiss and Edward Sexton’s expression comes in a silk/cotton blend. Another fail-safe is a navy grenadine tie which can work with just about everything. A little more adventurous, yet nonetheless a classic, is a Prince of Wales check tie, which, when worn with a tonal ensemble will look the business.

    • EDWA000000156
    • TURA000003239
    • DRAA000010390

    Small leather goods are always an easy gifting option and London is currently experiencing the coldest week in years, so a pair of leather gloves from Omega SRL is an indulgent, but smart, choice. I have a habit of leaving key items in odd places at home and then forgetting their whereabouts, so having a tray in which to safely keep all of my day-to-day items could be a life-saver. For all the wonders packed inside, an iPhone is annoyingly delicate gadget, so a using a case would be a sensible idea on my part. I’d opt for a rubber framed, leather goatskin receptacle from Huitcinq 1988.

    • omega-brown-cashmere-lined-lambskin-gloves
    • ETTA000005248
    • huitcinq-1988-black-goatskin-leather-iphone-7-case


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    Benedict Browne

    Benedict is The Rake’s Editorial Associate. An admirer of vintage military clothing, British brands and white sneakers, he’s partial to a glass of proper scotch. Although, a pint of Guinness will suffice perfectly.

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