Coherence: Elaborate Japanese Outerwear

A genuinely original Japanese voice in a market dominated by traditional Macs and trench coats, Cohérence’s outerwear is designed with exemplary attention to detail.
Image by Oliver Dannefalk

Seen any sixties Japanese films, recently? One thing that really stands out is the style. While American and European directors were promoting stylishly-dressed male superstars, Japanese filmmakers - like Seijun Suzuki or Yasuhiro Ozu - were creating their own mid-century icons, like the dashing Toshiro Mifune and the gerbil-jawed Joe Shishido – two men who could pull off a trench as well as their British counterparts. Japan embraced Western clothing and celebrity culture, but drew on their own history. A few subtle sartorial moves, and the slouchy, sweeping coats worn by French actors like Belmondo could resemble the patterned silhouettes of a Kyoto yukata gown.

For Cohérence, it is this marriage of Eastern and Western temperament that is most exciting. Founded by Kentaro Nakagomi, the brand is inspired by the “Golden Age of outerwear” in the West, and craft classic coats with a more contemporary design.


    November 2019


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