Connolly: Restrained Elegance

Long-standing proprietors of the finest leather goods, Connolly are now in a new phase of forward-thinking clothing design, whilst keeping its motoring heritage firmly intact.

Connolly’s prestige as the undisputed and best-loved suppliers of leather to the UK’s most veritable car manufacturers still stands as their core identity. However, the brand’s impression on luxury through its owner, Isabel Ettedgui, is an entirely personal and unique one, which is a refreshing paradigm shift from its beginnings.

Founded in 1878 as a small family saddle-maker, the brand went onto become the sole supplier of superior leather skins for the luxury automotive industry. Over the years their rostrum of clients have included Bentley, Jaguar and Rolls-Royce, whilst Aston Martin and Ferrari are existing patrons. Such was their reputation during the 20th Century, Connolly leather covered the benches and seats of the Houses of Lords and Commons, and the Coronation coaches of the British Royal Family.


    Freddie Anderson


    January 2021


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