Cordone 1956’s Luxurious Trousers in Four Moods

Cordone 1956 extends the same quality of craftsmanship to its meticulously-made trousers as it does its world-famous shirts.
Cordone 1956’s Luxurious Trousers in Four Moods
‘There are moments, Jeeves, when one asks oneself, ‘Do trousers matter?’’ ‘The mood will pass, sir’ P.G. Wodehouse, Code of the Woosters Thankfully, the mood has passed, and it’s given way to a new one. More men are ditching their favourite pairs of selvedge denim jeans and chinos and finding enjoyment from tailored trousers - not only as the bottom half of a suit, but as the altogether principle piece of clothing. This is partly due to the return of high-waisted strides and pleats, which open scope for more casual pairings: few brands craft more impressive examples of this style than Cordone 1956. Renowned for its impeccable shirting, the Made in Italy label also happens to create trousers that come in a variety of colours and fabrics and are superbly constructed (as expected), with an air of creative mischief and serious smarts about them: double-pleated, with a wide extended waistband, two double-jetted back pockets and adjustable waist tabs (for good measure). These trousers matter. And to help get you started, we’ve compiled a few  situations – or moods - they can be worn in.  

Mood 1: Summer isn’t Over Yet

Glass half-full type of person? Summer may be over, but as past years suggest, this isn’t the last we’ll be seeing of warm weather. Cordone’s beige cotton trousers are very on-trend, and would look smart worn with a snugly tucked polo shirt (or white t-shirt), a leather belt, and a pair of loafers or sneakers when the sun shines. If you have a holiday planned, these trousers are reliable season-transition pieces, as they also look good with a tailored jacket thrown up top. 

Mood 2: Casual Friday

What with office wear taking a more casual approach in recent years (or at the very least, the sartorial minefield of Casual Friday), it’s nice to return from holidays flaunting your sense of understated style in the face of hypebeasts. Cordone’s blue corded velvet trousers have a clear smart-casual balance, thanks to the rich blue velvet fabric - a little rock ‘n’ roll - and the emphasised pleats and waist tabs - a little Italian Riviera. Pair them with dark Chelsea Boots and a handsomely tucked-in shirt to stand out against the sea of beanie hats and hi-tops. 

Mood 3. The Much-Needed Night Out

Since we are approaching the colder months, a night on the town calls for thicker fabrics that prevent our legs shaking like Elvis Presley’s. These grey Cordone flannel trousers are perfect. As heat is naturally circulated in flannel, the material keeps you warm in the cold (and vice-versa). Picture yourself stepping into your favourite bar, pub, or member’s club after work: a buttery dark cashmere roll neck, sophisticated timepiece, and elegant, high-waisted flannel trousers; off to smoke a cigar or savour a dram of scotch: the absolute embodiment of nightcap class. 

Mood 4. Sunday Morning Lull

There is something ever-so ‘Sunday morning’ about red cord. Cordone’s Bordeaux Corded Velvet Trousers are examples of such weekend luxury, a piece that looks better loose than it would tightly-fitted, in preparation for a large Sunday dinner, a drive and a leisurely stroll outside with the dog. A nice merino sweater, like Edward Sexton’s, and a pair of eccentric Stubbs and Wootton slippers come together for the perfect outfit for the day with no plans. 

Bonus Mood: The Smart Flyer

Nowhere does the tracksuit make a more sinister, uniform appearance than in the endless, tightly packed rows on an Airbus. There are those of us who believe that aeroplanes should enforce dress codes. Enter Cordone’s cotton trousers. Thanks to the adjustable waist and breathable fabric, you can get comfortable without sacrificing your strongly-held sartorial principles. Better yet, these would look great with a comfortable pair of smart sneakers and fitted white tee.  Begin your holiday or business trip as you mean to end it: with style.