The 7 Things Men Need to Know About Flowers

Founder of the luxury industry’s favourite florist, Flowerbx, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings explains the secrets to successful floral deployment.

“A modern man who appreciates quality and beauty, who loves fine tailoring and wears a good watch, who can make a beautiful pasta dish — he’ll also know how to manage flowers.” So proclaims Whitney Bromberg Hawkings, founder of Flowerbx, supplier of elegant floral arrangements to discerning clients including Christian Dior, Louis Vuitton, Jimmy Choo, Balmain, Victoria Beckham, Sonia Rykiel — and of course, Tom Ford, Hawkings’ former employer and biggest supporter.

Having spent the first two decades of her career as veritable ‘Hand of the King’ to the designer/director, Hawkings knows a thing or two about gentlemanly elegance — which Mr. Ford has honed to a fine art. A contemporary gent should be as adept around buds and blooms as he is in the realms of personal style, etiquette, culture and charm, Hawkings believes. It is technically ‘inessential’ aptitudes of this sort that are, in fact, the essence of sophistication.

Whether indulging in outstanding art, watches, cuisine, wine, design, fashion or flowers, Hawkings says, “A man who cares enough to spend the time and money on things that, while they may not be strictly necessary, enhance the quality of your life? That says a lot about the person. It shows he places value on the things that make life extraordinary.”

Having already provided ample instruction in most other aspects of les arts de vivre, here, The Rake takes pleasure in presenting Whitney Bromberg Hawkings’ seven essentials of floral success.


    November 2019


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