Edward Sexton's First Ready-to-Wear Tailoring

Edward Sexton brings more than 60 years of bespoke experience to the realm of ready-to-wear tailoring, creating a Prince of Wales check sports jacket exclusively for The Rake.
Model Richard Biedul wears Edward Sexton's first piece of ready-to-wear tailoring, made exclusively for The Rake. Photograph by James Munro.

For the first time ever, Edward Sexton – the great master architect of British style and one of the industry’s last doyens still cutting – has produced a piece of ready-to-wear tailoring. It is our immense pleasure here at The Rake to be the exclusive stockists of this beautiful piece – an elegant flannel sports jacket that, in every way, lives up to Sexton’s immense pedigree.

When Edward first started his tailoring career, such a garment was called a change coat, and it was from this that he drew inspiration for the piece. “The idea of a change coat was that you wore a very formal suit every day of the week,” says Edward. “When you wore your sports jacket, or your change coat, it changed you. It changes your mentality, the way you think, the way you relax, what you do, where you go.”

Indeed, this is a truly magnificent piece that captures the spirit of Edward’s work perfectly – elegance, playfulness and power are all in perfect harmony with each other. The design itself has been in a constant state of refinement over the past few years, with Edward and Creative Director Dominic Sebag-Montefiore only now ready to take the wraps off. Despite being ready-to-wear, the pattern is completely hand-drawn and hand-cut by Edward himself. “It’s based on years and years of working with individual clients on a bespoke level in the fitting room, and analysing what I consider to be the perfect cut and size for a jacket. I’ve maintained within that all of my characteristic features; the shoulder line, the lapel, where the peak of the lapel turns back – all of those touches that I’ve remained loyal to throughout my whole bespoke career.”


October 2017


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