The Femme Fatale of Tin Tin Tattoo's

Initially an artist at heart, Maud has transgressed into tattoo artistry since 2011 and has become the pinnacle in Paris for engraving as well as dot-work tattoos.

Before Maud started tattooing, she was an artist for 7 years. Initially when she was painting she experimented with playful use of colour, developing an almost like cartoon style, but when she decided to move into tattooing she went back to basics and started all over again, pioneering her own unique sense of style. She experimented with colour and fun illustrations but then returned to the classic style of tattooing in black and white ink, based on engraving.

She first began to obsess about the tattooist's art when she came to Tin Tin's for her first tattoo by the man himself. Tin Tin, who is considered one of the rock stars of the tattoo world, flipped the misconception of tattoos belonging to gangsters into something elegant and elevated. Tin Tin has since taught her a lot about the industry and has pushed her to use engraving as her definitive style.

Maud is captivated by the language of lines, how to make something essentially two dimensional into an engraving through volume and detailing. 'There's nothing you can't do with the language of lines.' She says. Maud is one of the first tattooists to really elevate her artistry into a beautiful art form. When asked if she feels as if she is part of a new generation creating new art forms rooted in the fine arts, she replied;

'The internet has proved an incredible medium for that. You can see what everyone else is doing globally throughout the world and when we meet one another through conventions, we always help others help creatively.'


February 2016


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