‘Merino Wool Swimwear Hangs Beautifully, Like A Well-Tailored Suit’

Roland Herlory, the Vilebrequin boss, is not wrong. This season the French label has partnered with Woolmark to craft a swimwear collection that has been cut with as much care and elan as a piece of Savile Row’s finest.
Vilebrequin Swimwear collection.

Before he founded Vilebrequin with his partner, Yvette, Fred Prysquel travelled around Europe as a Formula One journalist, reporting on the legends of the day, including Graham Hill, Sir Jackie Stewart and John Surtees. One would imagine it was a glamorous time to be alive, jaunting from Monaco to the Nordschleife, in Germany, in the name of excitement — whether on the track or via the notorious playboy antics of the sport’s heroes. But it was as nothing compared to the glitz Prysquel’s brand embodied once its first store was opened in Saint- Tropez in 1971. At the south of France’s coolest spots, Vilebrequin became the brand to wear by the pool, in the sea and at the bar, with the new jet set favouring the bright colours, flattering tailored fits, and relaxed elegance of the designs. In a short space of time the young brand came to represent this heady period and the figures who turned the French Riviera into their playground.


June 2023


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