Invest: Parmigiani Fleurier Bugatti Type 390

Just like the Bugatti Chiron it is inspired by, Parmigiani Fleurier’s Type 390 timepiece boasts a technologically advanced ‘engine’, unique design features and an extremely limited production run.

The Bugatti Chiron is not like other fast cars. For starters, the numbers it boasts are on another level: 1479bhp, a (limited) top speed of 261mph, 0-60mph in 2.4 seconds, a £2 million price tag… it’s relentless, just like the feeling that takes over your body when experiencing its acceleration. The instant surge of power that occurs when you squeeze the throttle is mighty, and not unlike the hit offered by the peaks and troughs of a rollercoaster. Its speed is unnatural and your mind recognises this – every ounce of it telling you to slow downnow. So when you touch thatotherpedal, the huge airbrake and quad carbon ceramic disks slow the car with equal pace and disconcert – in the wrong hands, the Chiron would be a very expensive automotive yo-yo.

All of this mystery and intrigue isn’t by chance – the Chiron is engineered to within an inch of its life, and features some of the most advanced technology present on an automobile to date. It is this tech that inspired Parmigiani Fleurier – long-time partner of the French marque – to create the Bugatti Type 390, a wristwatch that’s described as an ‘engine block on the wrist’. Indeed, the Type 390 has more than a hint of industrial-chic about it – it has the form of something built for purpose rather than luxury. Its flowing lines are inspired by those of the Chiron and are even more impressive considering the case is constructed of solid white gold, complete with both polished and brushed finishes that display the expert attention to detail of the artisans employed by Parmigiani’s manufacture. Similar to the Chiron though, it’s what is under the bonnet that is most impressive.


November 2017


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