Ring Jacket's Quest for Quality

By carefully studying Neapolitan tailoring and innovating through fabric, Japanese-based Ring Jacket creates ready-to-wear pieces that are both elegant and comfortable.

There’s an age-old stereotype that the people of Japan are patient perfectionists; practising a kind of calm yet relentless focus to reach an all-consuming ideal. Although this most certainly shouldn’t be applied to an entire culture, this trope seems to be true of Ring Jacket, whose sharp designs have been honed with careful consideration and acute attention to detail.

The company began with purpose, too. In the 1950s, Joichi Fukushima, an insurance salesman, become infatuated with the bespoke suits worn by his father – an “elegant man with a deep appreciation for beautiful clothing”. Frustrated that he couldn’t find ready-to-wear of the same quality, Joichi set about creating products of a high calibre yet without the price of a bespoke suit.

The Osaka-native founded Ring Jacket in 1954, originally outsourcing production to try and achieve his vision. But because the factories prioritised production efficiency over quality, the final products weren’t up to Joichi’s high standards, so he decided to create his own factory employing expertly-trained Japanese tailors. This quest for quality above all else has come to define Ring Jacket, and is a value that has lasted throughout the company’s existence, now championed by Joichi’s son and current president Kunichi Fukushima. “This remains at the heart of the brand today,” says Fukushima-san via a translator. “We always prioritise quality over cost.”


    October 2017


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