Taking A Leaf Out Of His Own Books

What’s so special about the cigar makers Arturo Fuente? Author and connoisseur Aaron Sigmond has compiled the evidence…
Arturo Fuente.

When my elder son was six months old, I was asked to go to the Dominican Republic on a trip with Hublot to discover more about their collaboration with Arturo Fuente. Fuente was the first non-Cuban cigar brand whose story and product I was familiar with. Carlito Fuente is the current steward of the brand, which is as iconic as Cohiba, and, regarding several of their cigars, as coveted. Opus X is a colossally successful sub-brand of Arturo Fuente, and has teamed up with everyone from Dupont to Elie Bleu to produce collaborative accessories and further drive the brand. It is worth noting for all Cuba snobs that an Opus X is a fine cigar that does not hide behind its label. It is subtle, sweet, earthy and delicious, and has a perfect draw every time (anyone who smokes a lot of Cuban cigars knows this can be a problem). If you’re thinking that it is high time a book on the brand was released, you are in luck. In an exclusive for The Rake, I am delighted to have spoken to Aaron Sigmond, the author of two new tomes on the subject: Arturo Fuente: Since 1912 and Arturo Fuente: From Dream to Dynasty.


November 2022


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