The Cutting Edge: Dominic Sebag-Montefiore, Edward Sexton

In this second part of ‘The Cutting Edge’, The Rake meets Dominic Sebag-Montefiore, Creative Director & Cutter at esteemed Knightsbridge-based bespoke tailors Edward Sexton, a tailor who is as progressive…

When Dominic Sebag-Montefiore began his career as a bespoke tailor, he was, by his own admission, 'a young grumpy man, who found it problematic that everything was mass-produced to the lowest common denominator.' In said grumpy state, moving into the world of bespoke tailoring was more or less a mission statement - a refusal to live life by mass-produced rules. Some 12 years later Dominic's work, informed quite simply by a 'genuine human passion' for what he does, has come to represent the pinnacle of contemporary British bespoke tailoring, placing him at the forefront of that young, talented generation of British bespoke tailors who are coming to the fore.

Sensitive and artistic, he combines his talent as a cutter with a shrewd head for business as Creative Director at legendary Knightsbridge tailors Edward Sexton. Dominic has done much to further the position of the house, both creatively and commercially; working alongside Sexton himself to introduce what is arguably the finest made-to-measure tailoring service in the world, allowing greater access to the house's iconic tailoring for those who aren't in a position to pay bespoke prices. He has also worked to create a ready-to-wear accessories collection composed of Sexton staples made to the same exacting standards as the house's bespoke tailoring, and he oversees the firm's website, online store and social media concurrently. No small list of accomplishments.

The one thing that might strike you about all these initiatives is how exceptionally forward-thinking they are for a thoroughbred bespoke tailor, although really this should come as no surprise, given that one of Edward Sexton's most compelling idiosyncrasies is the house's dogged progressiveness. From day one, Edward scandalized the thoroughly conservative Savile Row of the '70s with the distinctly avant-garde approach he pioneered at Nutter's of Savile Row (the outré checked tailoring and purple penis shaped candles in the shop window more or less set the tone) and Edward Sexton as a house has taken an ever-so-slightly rebellious stance ever since. This is perhaps more apparent today than it ever has been, as Dominic works to ensure that the house remains one of the most influential bespoke tailors in Britain. As he explains, 'Edward's always had clients who've talked about him, so we don't mind referencing them either - where appropriate. Plus, we're proud of what we do and how we're developing the house.' His tone seems to say 'what's so wrong with marketing anyway?' It's a refreshingly candid approach from a bespoke tailor.


November 2015


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