The Rake Visits Louis XIII

Rémy Martin’s famous Louis XIII cognac is now available in miniature format — called The Drop — so the distinguished tipple can be enjoyed wherever, whenever. To celebrate, the rake visited the brand’s home in France for a special tasting session.
Louis XIII The Drop (Red) in wearable bottle case.

There are a select few occasions in my life about which I like to reminisce. They include a birthday celebration when a tiny table was crammed with friends and family, and a room filled with inspiring, artistic visionaries. In these moments there is a thread that helps connect my memories: a provocative crystal decanter filled with its eau de vie, that of Louis XIII cognac. So when The Rake was invited to Cognac to visit the brand’s august premises — something only a handful of fortunate folk have been able to do — I threw on my linen suit and boarded a flight to Bordeaux.


Brandon Hinton


October 2022


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