Rake Commends: The Turnbull & Asser ‘Mega-Square’

Turnbull & Asser succeed yet again in pushing the boundaries of classic elegance with their new Autumn collection, featuring the much-anticipated ‘Mega-Square’, our Fashion Stylist reveals.

Following on from the house’s recent creative accessories collections, which have included everything from pocket hankies on which you can render an image of your beloved pet dog, to silk jacquard ties inspired by the brushstrokes of famous modernist painters, The Rake is pleased to report that Turnbull and Asser is bringing us yet more impressive designs.

Be introduced one and all to the ‘mega squares’, a collection of sartorial super-sized pocket-handkerchiefs, which sit halfway between scarves and shawls.

Having taken complete ownership of the sartorial pocket square for so many years, it seems that T&A have decided to notch things up a gear create something new. The mega square’s over-exaggerated dimensions allow for it to be worn in a myriad of different ways, whether tied or knotted as a scarf, draped open in a thoroughly louche fashion or indeed wrapped about one’s shoulders like a shawl. Turnbull and Asser note that at 140cm by 140cm the design would no longer fit even the deepest of pockets – these are not to be treated as mere pochettes. Instead, Head of Design Dean Gomilsek-Cole has given form to the contemporary idea that the natural evolution of the pocket hanky is to super-size it, open up new avenues for sartorial self-expression in the process.

A whole new collection of contemporary prints has been created for this new style and size. Including designs based on the Girl With The Pearl Earring and Van Gogh's self-portrait, created using tonal geometric shapes in an architectural way to reflect the conflict between Artist and Architect – the concept behind the house’s ready-to-wear collection this coming season.

Printed in England onto a lightweight, luxurious wool and silk cloth and using the same design techniques as it's pocket-sized little brother, Turnbull & Asser has created a truly exciting collection to come this Autumn.


Jo Grzeszczuk


July 2016


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