Curry & Paxton: The centenary collection

Founded in 1920, Curry & Paxton is back with the Centenary Collection, which is also showcased in an enthralling video.

Founded in 1920, Curry & Paxton is back and to celebrate a century of innovation and imagination they have launched the highly anticipated Centenary Collection. The coveted collection includes both optical and sunglasses in a variety of different styles ranging from the Yvan model, made famous by Michael Caine to two pairs of protective, side-shield driving glasses which are included after an astonishing discovery. Although the collection signifies the unique traditions of the brand, the design of some of the models are created with the modern gentleman in mind.

Originally based at 195 Great Portland Street, London, it was in the 20th century that the industry underwent another state of evolution and eyewear quickly went from being a purely medicinal tool to a fashionable accessory favoured by the elite and wealthy. The brand by this time, although popular with the upper echelons of society was also recognised by the ministry (government department) as accomplished artisans to help with the optical demand that wartime Britain propagated. Whilst the men were engaging in mortal combat in all corners of the globe, women played a vital role in helping to spot the enemy, particularly the abominable threats of enemy motoring and aviation. Ladies from the Auxiliary Territorial Service, insidiously perched on the ground, sported leather-trimmed glasses, with binoculars often both from Curry & Paxton who now offer a limited but voguish selection of lady’s sunglasses.


    Hugo Curran


    April 2020


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