De Petrillo: In his own style

De Petrillo have yet again opened up an opportunity for a journey of refinement, blended in with relaxation.

The landscape of men’s fashion pre-Covid was already becoming more splintered. The pandemic has only accelerated this drive towards informality. It is expected that brands adapt, but we’ve seen cases of firms dramatically straying too far away from their natural formula. In the book The Englishman’s Suit, by Sir Hardy Amies he points out that “It is the proportions: of length, of width of shoulder, of placing of buttons that has reflected the variations of fashion changes throughout the decades”. Like Sir Hardy Amies, Benedetto De Petrillo, founder of the eponymous tailoring house, believes that classic style does not change, it just naturally adapts to the time we live in. The term ‘natural’ is very significant here – as De Petrillo’s philosophical stance towards creation means that he eliminates influences from the market, thus not deviating away from his own personal style. De Petrillo’s spring/summer 21 collection refreshingly reflects the aforementioned notion.


    Freddie Anderson


    March 2021


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