Doppiaa: Double-A For Attainment

Relatively new Italian brand Doppiaa is administering a chutzpah jab to menswear yet still keeping its garments versatile

Is the decade we’re now embarking on set to be as “roaring” as its equivalent of the last century? One during which bob-haired, cigarette-touting flappers and the Harlem Renaissance raised a middle-finger to Prohibition laws and racial stereotypes respectively?

It certainly feels like a world in a heightened state of flux is primed for cultural volatility: which is perhaps why Italian brand Doppiaa – which was founded five years ago by friends Alain Fracassi and Albert Carreras, who is the son of the Spanish tenor José – is taking its healthily disruptive approach to the long-standing tenets of Italian menswear into overdrive with its new Spring/Summer collection.

Doppiaa gives the notoriously amorphous notion that is ‘sprezzatura’ shape, credence and coherent expression, in the process demonstrating that “studied carelessness” needn’t be an oxymoron. These guys don’t so much blur the line between formal and informal: they tie that line in a knot and flick it into touch where it belongs.


    April 2020


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