Drake's X The Rake Exclusive Capsule Collection Event (New York)

Drake's and The Rake joined forces to honor a very exciting collaboration, with a party at the British clothiers New York store.
Drake's X The Rake Exclusive Capsule Collection Event (New York)
Drake’s, once of Clifford Street and now headquartered on Savile Row, have mastered a uniquely light-hearted outlook on tailoring over the years, an aesthetic which is perfectly encapsulated in the most recent collaboration we've had the honour to be part of. There was no better way to celebrate this than with a party at the brand’s store in Lower Manhattan, New York. On Thursday night guests filtered into their showroom on Crosby Street, an avenue that harkens back to the bygone days of an old artistic and industrial Soho – quite a fitting location considering the hint of shabby chic in the new collection, including the dark brown cotton suit and brown wool chore jacket. There were many friends of The Rake in attendance including David Coggins, Scott Schuman and American novelist Jay McInerney. The collection was masterminded by Drake’s Creative Director Michael Hill who was seen conversing with guests, most of whom were sipping on very fine gin supplied by Mary Rose. The venue’s white painted brick walls, flanked by artwork and green plants with their colourful famed neckwear mounted inside glass cabinets imparted a fitting tribute to the infinitely stylish collaboration between Drake’s and The Rake.
Chris Gumbs
Matt Coles and Mark Cho
Michael Hill
David Hodges
Michael Lebowitz & Guest
Guest & Dexter Garner
Mark Cho
Scott Schuman
Tyler Sequeira, Guest, James Harvey-Kelly and Steve Knorsch.