E. B. Meyrowitz: Shades of California

The Rake is honoured to welcome into its e-commerce fold, E.B. Meyrowitz – the world’s foremost purveyor of luxury optical goods since 1875. Inspired by The Golden State of California you can now find their new limited edition range on The.Rake.com.

For heritage buffs like me, there is not much that summons up the blood quite like discussing a brand that originates from a country that doesn’t exist anymore. There aren’t that many left, but if you’re clip-clopping around Mayfair, peering about for gew-gaws, bits and bobs, or a special something, then you could easily come across bespoke opticians and frame designers E. B. Meyrowitz.

Emil Bruno Meyrowitz, the brands eponym, was born in 1852 in Prussia and opened shop in 1875. He was a pioneer in optics so in all the shops that subsequently opened in Paris, New York and London, there was always a holistic approach to eyecare and not just spectacles, but eyewear for all occasions. Evidently Meyrowitz saw how intrepid the human spirit is, and how our eyes play such a pivotal role in the thresholds we have crossed over the centuries. From flying, mountaineering, academia, science and exploration, eyesight has been crucial to our (for the most part) civilised existence today, and Meyrowitz has been enabling this for almost 150 years.


    August 2020


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