E. Marinella: Family Ties

E. Marinella’s luxurious ties are the result of over a century worth of expertise, passed down through four generations of Marinella men.

Since 1914, the shop doors of E. Marinella on Via Riviera Chiaia in Naples have opened to customers every day at 6:30am. Whilst it may seem simple, the tradition is one of significance: it symbolises the strength of E. Marinella's heritage and enduring legacy. The family-run tie label, which has been nurtured by four generations of Marinella men, takes its traditions very seriously, ensuring that each item is personally and lovingly handcrafted in the label's workshop - affectionately referred to as the 'laboratorio', which translates to laboratory - above the store, using handprinted fabrics from England. In fact, the label's unique blend of English design influence and authentic Neapolitan craftsmanship is what differentiates it from other heritage tie makers. It was E. Marinella himself - Eugenio Marinella - who was so enchanted by the British 'gentleman' aesthetic that he was inspired to bring a slice of it to his tiny tailoring workshop in Naples.

    To this day, the company imports unique English silks from a 400-year-old factory, which are hand-cut into five sections and sewn, before skilled artisans carefully carve patterns, manually mix dyes and finally screen-print the patterns and steam the silk to set the colours and soften the fibres. The designs of each tie are elegant and sophisticated, but not without that playful finesse we have come to expect from Neapolitan tailoring. They are intended to be easily integrated into any modern gentleman's wardrobe, enhancing an outfit and expressing one's individuality and taste.

    It's not just ties that E. Marinella excels in crafting: in more recent years, the label has extended its offering to encompass fragrance and grooming products, designed to reflect its dedication to tradition and craftsmanship through the use of only the finest ingredients and age-old blending techniques. The bottles feature the patterns of the ties, carrying the inimitable Marinella spirit across forms, so that one may always feel as elegant as they look.


      Aobh O'Brien-Moody


      September 2019


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