Earn your Stripes

With the status of formality on a downward curve, and with its optical advantage of giving you a slimmer profile, the stripe shirt is rightly having a renaissance.

Photo by Milad Abedi

Formality has always been a defining factor when electing which stripe pattern will work best, if at all. Next on the podium of thought-provoking reasons to wear a vertical stripe shirt is soliciting its virtue of giving you a slimmer profile. Both of these determinants of adopting a stripe shirt have dramatically swayed in its favour.

The new year usually sees a back to business mentality, where city gents stock up on shirts with thinner stripes such as hairline or a Bengal stripe, the latter being ample thickness for financiers and lawyers; of course, there is Michael Douglas, the actor who channelled rapacious insider-trading corporate raider, Gordon Gekko, in Wall Street, 1987 who dressed in wider stripe shirts with a contrast collar. The look asserted a strong measure of authority, money, power and respect. Men’s clothier Alan Flusser, produced some cool and powerful looks for Gordon, but unless you’re a big shot, it might give off the wrong signal. However, the majority of the world is working from home, so now is the time to imitate Gekko, whatever your title at work.


Freddie Anderson


February 2021


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