Earn your Stripes

With the green light to return to the office, and with its optical advantage of giving you a slimmer profile, now is a great time to invest in a meticulously crafted striped shirt.
Larry King with Naomi Campbell at the National Italian American Foundation gala, 1997 (Photo By Karin Cooper/Getty Images)

Formality has always been a defining factor when electing which stripe pattern will work best, if at all. Next on the podium of thought-provoking reasons to wear a vertical stripe shirt is soliciting its virtue of giving you a slimmer profile.

As of last week the government have axed their working-from-home advice. Most corporate companies are strongly encouraging staff to return to the office. The New Year is the time to make a confident impression, so adding a fresh batch of handcrafted shirting with the appropriate patterns can only aid such impact. For financiers and lawyers the thinner stripes such as hairline or a Bengal stripe are ample thickness. There is Michael Douglas, the actor who channelled rapacious insider-trading corporate raider, Gordon Gekko, in Wall Street, 1987 who dressed in wider striped shirts with a contrast collar. However, the look asserted a strong measure of authority, money, power and respect. Unless you're a big shot, it might give off the right signal, so best to stick with more understated stripes for the City.


Freddie Anderson


January 2022


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