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Americana, classic formalwear and rock ’n’ roll chic rub shoulders with fearlessness and pomp in Barbanera’s new line, created in collaboration with The Rake. ‘This range,’ says Sergio Guardì, ‘is such a perfect expression of our mood.’

What, in sartorial terms, do George Clooney (in movie premiere mode), Ralph Lauren (in American workwear mode), and Keith Richards (in Keith Richards mode) all have in common?

The default response might be, “About as much as the musical output of Bowie, Bernstein and Beethoven”. And yet, thanks to a new sartorial freedom proffered upon au courant men — one that has been in the making for decades and is now amplified by our post-pandemic modus operandi — mixing and matching the garments that make up these disparate guises can lift a gentleman’s look into the stratosphere. The refined-rugged dichotomy is a ‘thing’, with all charges of feigned eccentricity laughed out of court. Coherence has planted its flag where once confusion ruled with an iron fist.

At the vanguard of this liberating new reality — eclectic chic, if you like — are Barbanera, an exquisitely disruptive menswear label founded in 2011 by brothers Sergio and Sebastiano Guardì and Alessandro Pagliacci. (The name Barbanera is an Italian appellation for the 17th century English pirate Blackbeard, and reflects the brand’s unashamed tendency to plunder the stylistic oceans for its various stylistic references.)

    The buying window for this Made To Order collection is now open and will close on Sunday 17th October. Garments will be manufactured and dispatched 6-8 weeks after the buying window closes. Please email for further information.


    September 2021


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