Editor's Gifting Picks

The Rake’s Editor Tom Chamberlin curates an ambrosial Christmas gifting edit for the profoundly stylish gentleman.

In a bid to make myself relevant in my old age of 32, I have been digitised and asked to curate a selection of gifts that define this season of good will to all men. Around this time of year there is a need for both consideration of the solemnity and preciousness of family time, and the spiritual meaning of Christmas, but also that Coca-Cola-truck festive eccentricity that we should all join in on. This list tries to take all that into account.

    This choice comes from the benefit of actually owning a pair and falling in love with them. They are not going to be your most formal, nor your most casual pair of shoes you own but they will be the trusted companion every gentleman needs, but keep them well-polished.

      Have made the case for these for years, why would you want any other kind of scarf when you have one that other people want to look at?

        This coat is wild, but at the same time completely irresistible and I can’t put my finger on what I love the most about it. I think it is that some coats are best for rain, some for cold, but this manages to be both, and unashamedly bold too.

          Exercise is important, so a portable backgammon board means you can get the heartbeat up wherever you go.

            The greatest thing to happen to smoking since the release of the Cohiba Behike.

              Scrumptious fabric but the key player is that cable patterning, making it almost dramatically cosy.

                Having had the benefit of wearing Turnbull’s cotton/cashmere mix, I pity the person who buys this and then has to give it away.

                  The proportions, and adaptability of the pattern makes this both a festive, formal and comfortable trouser.

                    The sheer scale of the tartan here is worthy of applause but I love the idea of wearing this to a carol concert or dinner where I’d like to be both smart and festive.


                    December 2019


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