Editor’s Picks: Last-Minute Castaway Capsule

Whether you’re hotfooting it to Mykonos on a whim, or hitting up the Costa Smeralda for some spontaneous R ‘n’ R, our Digital Editor Ryan Thompson has curated the perfect holiday capsule to cover all bases.
Editor’s Picks: Last-Minute Castaway Capsule
If you haven’t already taken a summer holiday this year, but plan to do so in August, you may discover that all is not plain sailing. For a start, every single Italian has downed his tools and will not venture anywhere near them until the first week of September. As for the French, well, national stereotypes would lead me to question whether said tools were ever picked up in the first place, so of course they are on holiday too. Thus any last-minute ideas you might have of decamping to the Cote D’Azure or the Amalfi Coast for a replenishing week away might be wishful thinking. That said, “replenishing” can come in many guises: Mykonos, Formentera and Ibiza can be enriching experiences, if not for your liver then certainly for parts of your frontal lobe. Wherever you dare to venture in August, let us take the strain out of choosing your holiday wardrobe with this short curation of outstanding products that will elegantly cover you from beach to bar to restaurant.

In Transit

To travel well is to travel comfortably, which in rakish terms means a few Aperol spritzes at the airport and at least two half bottles of Taittinger at 35,000ft. Mild inebriation aside, it also means partly dressing for transit and partly for your destination as there’s nothing worse than arriving in kit not fit for purpose. Hence, this pink linen shirt by G. Inglese is just the shade to transition your mind into holiday mode while being lightweight and summery enough to glide straight into resort mode. Navy is the perfect complementary colour to pink, which is why these Manny shorts by Rubinacci are a no-brainer. The denim gives them a more casual edge than a typical dyed cotton, not to mention a tactile finish. Frank Clegg’s navy signature travel leather duffle bag is the functional cherry on top and more than capacious enough to fit a week’s worth of belongings in.  

Beach Life

Given the fervour for which people attend gyms these days, beaches, pools and their accompanying resorts and bar-restaurants have become theatre of toned physicality and certainly not places where you can let it all hang out. Even if you don’t look like you’re been carved out of Tuscan marble, your swimwear will say a great deal about you so it’s imperative that you strike the right note. Italian brand Coast Society are masterful at creating swim shorts with a classic silhouette and retro style that have the unique ability to both stand out and fit in wherever you are. Another eye-catching move is to protect your peepers with Kirk Originals’ Harvey tortoiseshell sunglasses which have a complementary 50s vibe. The tortoiseshell is a sophisticated touch and very versatile, making them easy to accessorise any outfit. The question of shirting can be tricky to answer when one is very often wet from swimming, which is why a terry cloth polo is the obvious solution. It retains all the structure of its smarter cousin, the polo, but will be far more comfortable if you’re constantly in and out of the water (for an even smarter option, we suggest you check out The Rake’s exclusive collaboration with Armor Lux and WM Brown Project to produce a terry cloth blazer).

Casual Daywear

When you’re not sipping cocktails by the pool, you’ll most likely be exploring your surroundings, enjoying long leisurely lunches and engaging in culturally stimulating activities (if you’re so inclined). No matter how you intend to spend your precious days out of office, the last thing you'll want to worry about is your wardrobe - which is why an effortless and versatile approach is key. Light and breathable linen should be your go-to fabric for daytime dressing, particularly when the midday sun gets all too much. Throw on this russet striped collarless offering from Salvatore Piccolo and team it with some loosely tailored shorts: Anderson & Sheppard have you covered with a piquant mustard hue. As far as footwear goes, Anderson & Sheppard's espadrilles are non-negotiable and will serve you well for navigating cobbled streets and transitioning from beach to bar.


The evening - or ‘the evening, night, and early morning hours’, to give it it’s proper title - is the time of day when strategic dressing is most crucial. If you’ve chosen your destination wisely, you will have spent the day sunning it up in your daywear, meaning that dinnertime is the perfect opportunity to freshen yourself up with a look that’s spicier than the somewhat suspect prawn paella you ordered from room service. Of course, the nights (if you know where to go) can still be as hot as the days, so you’ll want to be sensible with a pair of stylish cream trousers from Anderson & Sheppard rendered in breathable linen. An elegant light blue polo shirt from Parisian master tailor Cifonelli will look ravishing with the light trousers. Then you can let your wilder side out via your shoes, in this case the most comfortable loafers we've had the pleasure of trying on in a long time: Baudoin and Lange’s alligator loafers to keep your ensemble snappy.