Editor's Picks: Tans, Nudes and Neutrals

The Rake’s Digital Editor Ryan Thompson opines on the benefits of going nude with a tan…

With Spring sprung, and summer fast approaching, my default wardrobe setting shifts from autumnal hues to tans, nudes and neutrals. Boring? Not in the slightest. Don't get me wrong, I love wearing bold colours throughout the year but in tempered amounts. Vibrant hues are, in my opinion, best used sparingly and therefore more impactfully, against a canvas of more muted tones. But when your muted tones are tans, nudes, and neutrals, there's little recourse to adding bold swatches since there's already plenty of eye-catching hues at work. Furthermore, there's something undeniably rich and natural about this soft colour palette. It stands out against darker tones but without the necessary volume of bold colours such as red, yellow, pink and orange. It also goes without saying - but I'll say it anyway - that working with the same genus of colour makes it all the more easy to be versatile with separates. The less time you can spend on thinking about what to wear the better, in my book. With all that said, I've pulled together my favourite tan, nude and neutral selections from TheRake.com, each one catering to a different style, but crucially, each being easily interchangeable with the other.



            Ryan Thompson


            April 2019


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