Edward Sexton: Down to Business

Aware of how people want to feel in an outfit, Edward Sexton have conjured up their most extensive and luxurious ready-to-wear collection to date. Featuring many of the Sexton classics, the assortment has a strong focus on the comforts of flannel, whilst their imposing coats are not short of eccentric detailing.

People born in the same era as Edward Sexton have lived through a potpourri of societal shifts. Most people guide themselves according to the flow of the time, but Edward Sexton is different. He is an artist with an adventurous spirit that has always had a burning to desire to be proactive and respond to change. Moonlighting as a private tailor to some fairly lively East End gangsters, whilst working as a junior cutter at Donaldson, Williams and G. Ward revealed early signs of his rebellious nature. And no, I don’t mean in an anarchic sense, but his response is activated through design; tailoring made the traditional way yet full of eccentricities – to perfectly capture the style zeitgeist that the Rock 'n' Roll set hanker after.

Responding to the marvellously louche, carefree existence of the Swinging Sixties, his quest to accommodate such an insurgency officially started in 1969. With his business partner Tommy Nutter, through their firm Nutters of Savile Row, they re-wrote the tailoring rule book of the graveyard-like famed street by not only offering meticulously crafted, sharp, sexy and glamorous tailoring from luxury fabrics, but they dramatized their shop windows with groovy and artistic displays.


    Freddie Anderson


    October 2021


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