Edward Sexton Goes to Hollywood

Edward Sexton’s latest drop of iconic Hollywood trousers and flannel drape styles will make you feel every bit like a film star.

Hot on the heels of movie of the moment,Once Upon a Time in Hollywood , legendary tailor Edward Sexton’s highly-sought out Hollywood trousers are finally in stock on The Rake. This particular design is a slightly wider take on the brand's aforementioned trouser. They're made with a structureless ‘grown on’ waistband and dropped belt-loops that enable them to sit high on the waist. True to the original, these are cut with generous, flowing lines for an authentic art-deco look. Also in Sexton's latest trouser compilation are their highly revered wool flannel drape-cut trousers, offered in three colours. Finished with a strap-and-buckle cinch and a nod to a fishtail back, these are timeless and elegant in equal measure. It really is hard to find a trouser encompassing such tremendous detail. They fall charmingly from the hip allowing one the scope to dress the style up or down.


    October 2019


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