Edward Sexton: Igniting a sense of occasion

When things become mellow, Edward Sexton seems to exert his eccentricities with greater gusto. He’s the one people respond to for freedom, and with his latest collection, you’ve got the opportunity to roam free in pure elegance, with no small amounts of character attached to your outfit.

When menswear brands start to see themselves through the sartorial prism of tailored slumber there is often no turning back. It's a reality that was only accelerated by the pandemic, but if every time there was a trigger for apathetic attire — and everyone followed — where would one find originality or romance? The answer of course is Edward Sexton who for over 50 years has produced distinctive, dynamic and elegant tailoring, that has never allowed a sense of occasion to fade away from our minds.

Even in the height of the pandemic he opened up a shop on Savile Row, where you could peruse archetypal Sexton wedding suits and cocktail suits. What made the move even more remarkable was that he's returned to the same address after a 30-year absence, in an equally lamentable time for the famed street.

To others it may seem a surprising move, but Edward Sexton has seen the death knell looming many times for Savile Row. He played a part in rescuing its image once – and it looks as though he will do again. The latest collection — which features new linen suits in bold colours, signature 1980s-inspired shirting, plus revamped eveningwear — there's a scent of an uprising in the air, which will no doubt please the smart yet louche characters, who have been pining to release their eccentricities into the open.


    Freddie Anderson


    May 2021


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