Essential Getaway Accessories

Slowly but surely the barriers to a quick getaway are opening. Here we offer our view on what we think are the most indispensable accessories for a smooth trip away.

For business people who criss-cross the globe, frequently stopping in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Bangkok, in as many days, it usually means they know the drill when it comes to the accessories they take with them. However, for some folk who have arranged their first getaway since the start of the pandemic, and are visiting for a longer stay, it is likely you’ll be a little rusty when it comes to thinking about the indispensable accessories needed for such a trip. Here we offer some light guidance to make sure you hit the trail without any glitches.

Travel bags

Asides from your suitcase, it is imperative you choose the right travel bag, because the wrong one can become a burden as soon as you set foot outside your front door. If your suitcase is on wheels, another smaller cabin suitcase on wheels is going to destabilize you. Pick a bag that has leather handles for extra comfort, and is slick in nature. Ettinger’s canvas Piccadilly tote bag comprises all the attributes you need. It is robust, has internal zip pockets for valuables such as a laptop or passport, and has plenty of room for newspapers, food, drink, electricals and even a smaller item of clothing. It is extremely lightweight, and as it’s made by Ettinger, one of the last great British leather goods companies, its enduring quality will be guaranteed. Sometimes the shape of a travel bag means it grazes your legs when you walk. Having tested the Ettinger tote myself recently I can assure you that you have plenty of room between leg and bag due to its sleek structure. Depending on what colour you prefer, the bag comes in ivory, black, navy and olive green. Some people prefer a backpack, and if you do the blue ocean calf leather Stepan coated canvas backpack from Serapian, must be one of the most luxurious on the market. For a short sojourn without a larger suitcase, the Bordeaux calf leather trolley case from Rubinacci is highly functional when transporting clothes and other essentials. All three bags will prevail as hand luggage.


Freddie Anderson


July 2021


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