Eton Shirts: Midsummer Masterpieces

Casual shirts with a healthy soupçon of fun and sophistication are hard to come by. Swedish brand Eton Shirts have been honing this very aesthetic for nearly 100 years.

Beneath the minimalistic Scandi-style façade of Eton shirt designs is a much deeper story. To Eton it has never just been about the shirt, but more the pioneering methods of innovation. Eton are different to many other men’s shirtmakers in this respect; they’re willing to totally disrupt the established techniques of artisanal shirtmaking. They like to label themselves troublemakers – a term you associate with unpopularity. If anything, their commitment to constantly challenge the norms of age-old shirtmaking has only enhanced their acclaim – and that’s not only with customers but other shirtmakers. That said, it is the consideration of the customer that really drives this approach. They make shirts for you, and a perfect illustration of this notion came two months ago. Determined not to let restrictions overshadow yet another holiday season, they launched a capsule collection brimming with the ideals of travel on


    Freddie Anderson


    August 2021


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