At home with Eton Shirts

Thought you were getting away with wearing your pyjamas to WFH? Think again…

We need to talk. Yes, you over there, on your Zoom meeting, silently feeling smug about the ‘professional on the top, pyjamas on the bottom’ approach you took to getting dressed today. You knew this was coming, didn’t you? Deep down, you’ve actually been waiting for this.

We’re not angry. We’re not even disappointed – we’ve been there. There’s a worldwide pandemic and everything is upside down. It’s impossibly tempting to surrender to the few comforts we have left, and even more tempting to adopt the mindset that what we wear is the last thing that matters right now.

But we at The Rake are here to tell you: we don’t buy it. We don’t just know the power of clothes, we’ve quite literally written the book on how great suits, shoes and accessories can transform you from boy to man; they can top up your confidence, your joy, your quality of life. We’ve not just built a business around it, we’ve built our lifestyles around it too – and those of the craftspeople, designers, tailors and textiles specialists for whom clothes are their lifeblood.


    November 2020


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