Ettinger Launches Bespoke

Justifiably recognised as one of the last great British leather goods companies, Ettinger offers quality-driven, design-led accessories which you can now personalise to your very own tastes, with the launch of their bespoke service.

It was 1934 when two historically connected events occurred. Gerry Ettinger born in Prussia, established G. Ettinger Ltd in London. That same year Prussia would lose its de facto independence and no longer be used as a name for one of the leading states of the German Empire. With an innate ability for languages, charm, charisma and experience in manufacturing from the family’s tailoring past, London provided the perfect place for Mr Ettinger to set up his business. He operated from a small showroom in Vigo street, just off Regent street. Back in the 30s, considerably more everyday items were made of leather than they are today and Ettinger would sell to distinguished department stores such has Harrods. Despite the 30s being a golden era for travel, when leather goods were highly in demand, the company ceased trading due to the Second World War, but surged back to life in 1947 after a chance meeting in Bond Street.

While Ettinger have a rich continental heritage, today the leather goods specialist is a very British company, moving with the times, and aptly evolving their products accordingly. Under the stewardship of Robert Ettinger, Gerry’s son, they were a granted a royal warrant. He has driven a major emphasis on craftsmanship and supporting the British manufacturing industry.

    Robert Ettinger with recent collaborator Rory Dobner.


      Freddie Anderson


      July 2019


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