Ettinger Extends Magnificent Capra Collection

Inspired by the opulence of train travel in 1930s, Ettinger’s Capra Collection returns to its roots of that era.  

If there was ever a time when forward-thinking attitudes united with old-fashioned allurement it was the 1930s. A thirst for aerial trailblazing spurred the advances of what became known as the Golden Age of Aviation. Unlike the late 1950s when commercial jet proved the death knell for glamorous train travel; the pomp of opulent train journeys was at its height. Carriages bedecked in lavish décor meandered through the scenic hills of Europe, stopping at many of the continent’s major cities. Best associated with the razzmatazz of train travel in the era was the Orient Express. Originally departing from Paris and terminating at Constantinople (Istanbul) three more parallel services were created in the 1930s, due to high demand. It was patronized by Royalty, nobles, diplomats and business people.

Hailing from Prussia, Gerry Ettinger spoke at least four languages, travelled frequently on glamorous trains and had a breadth of interests ranging from tailoring to film. Fellow mittel-European and enigmatic actress Marlene Dietrich even featured in a film Gerry produced. It was no wonder that Gerry excelled in the realms of old-fashioned and personal business enabling. After representing several German factories producing leather goods – Mr Ettinger moved the family to London. He set up his leather goods business and operated from a small workshop in Vigo Street.


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2020


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