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It’s very easy to let fitness standards slip whilst in lockdown, which is why we asked Lee Mullins and Artur Zolkiewicz of Workshop Gymnasium to provide a few solid exercises that everyone can do at home without any equipment.
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World's Greatest Stretch with Upper Body Rotation There is a reason this is called the World’s Greatest Stretch, and that’s because if you had to do only one stretch, this is the one. It helps to mobilise every part of the body men typically get locked up and tight in, the hips, the hamstrings and the upper region of the spine. Physically this will help mobilise where becomes commonly tight, mentally this will leave you feeling energised and ready to get on with the main workout.



Double Clamshell This is one of my go to exercises to help get the core and the gluten firing and working together. Now before you say that it’s a Pilates exercise and you want something more heavy duty, give me a set of 20 reps and tell me if they’re easy. The Double Clamshell will help to tighten up the side abdominals and will activate the gluten, which will carry over into better performance on exercises such as back squats or deadlifts.



Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat This one will separate the men from the boys, the RFE Split Squat for short is one of the go-to lower body exercises for athletes as it improves single leg strength, helping to improve any strength imbalances you may have from left leg compared to the right leg. Now I want to be honest, you’re not going to enjoy performing these, and you’re going to have muscle soreness in your quads and glutes during the 2 days following performing them, but then you’ll feel great and come back stronger than ever.



Hollow Body Hold These are one of the best abdominal strengthening exercises. If you currently have abdominal crunches in your program, ditch them and introduce hollow body holds into your program. If you’ve ever struggled to feel your abdominals or have struggled to contract your abdominals, give these a go for 15-30 seconds and you will definitely feel your abdominals firing. Now depending on your level of body fat, you may not yet be able to see your abdominals, but if you can include these into your program, once you do strip away the body fat there will be a set of defined abs ready to make an appearance.





Push Up to Mountain Climber This total-body exercise is a combination of a strength exercise for the upper body and a cardio exercise. Once you have performed 8-12 repetitions, you’ll not only feel stronger in the upper body from the push ups but the mountain climber will help give you the cardio “high” and that release of endorphins you get from increasing your heart rate.