Fail-Safe Father's Day Gifts

6 Minute Read Here at The Rake we’re of the opinion that Father’s Day warrants the same gifting attention as Mother’s Day. With the day fast approaching we thought it apt to handpick a few items that we think our fathers might have on their wish list.
The Kelly family, pictured (L to R) are: Grace, Lizanne, Peggy, and father John B. Kelly on vacation in New Jersey, 1954. (Photo via Getty)

It is easy to forget the many hardships that our fathers have had to endure to raise us. Being a father is perhaps the only legitimate way to make sense of it all, but either way, Father’s Day is an opportunity to express gratitude for the sacrifices they have made, the support they have given, and most importantly the love they have passed on.

In the lead up to Father’s Day, it is likely they will not raise the topic. Although they pretend the day doesn’t exist, they will have a wish list. The trick is to tap into this wish list without being rumbled beforehand. It is important to remember that expectations for Father’s Day gifts will be different to Christmas and birthdays. The latter two grant a gift that can be large-scale, but Father’s Day elicits a more delicate approach, one that has a deeper element of thought, and significance. That said, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t reach as far into your pocket. When you narrow down your search, and you happen to be left with the consummate gift that they’ve always wanted, you shouldn’t flinch, but rather see it as a gesture to honour their fatherhood.


Freddie Anderson


June 2022


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