Far Afield: Inspired by Wanderlust

Taking heed from the beauty of materials in a range of celebrated global cultures, Far Afield combine ethically sourced-products with quality-driven design, yielding smart-casual attire for those inclined to sport some contemporary touches.

We all like to travel; to get away and feel the sun, or cool sea-wind, brush across our face while nursing a couple of icy Margaritas. But it is the images that we remember best: the patterns of a Lisboan tile or a New Yorker’s unusual shirt as he strolls out of the subway.

Few menswear brands understand this better than Far Afield. The expression of colours and tasteful patterns on their shirts, shorts, sweaters, and more, reflects the brand’s globally-inspired outlook, and hence the name: ‘Far Afield’ is aptly evocative of elsewhere (and anywhere) but home. Home, however, would be London, where British brothers Mark and Chris Scholes founded the brand in 2006. The pair have carried over their mutual experiences in menswear design, production, and retail (over twelve years), and created the type of clothing that best matches their colourful vision.


      July 2019


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