Flying the outerwear flag: Private White V.C.

Famously one of the last remaining clothing factories in Manchester, Private White V.C. have yet again produced a collection attesting to the very best of outerwear craftsmanship.

Dark and smoky from coal vapours, Manchester’s pre-Edwardian architecture is magnificently dreary. Stonework of important buildings and warehouses have been ebonized as a consequence of its once place as the global centre of the finished cotton trade; earning the city the moniker ‘Cottonopolis’. Already in decline before WW1, the industry petered out, as production of cotton rapidly rose in other countries with cheaper labour. Inherently shaped by its textile past – today there is few with very close links to its heyday, still in operation. If you haven’t yet heard of Private White V.C. you will be happy to hear that through the label, Manchester’s legacy as a thriving textile hub, is in no danger of elapsing.

The name Private White V.C. stems from the current CEO’s great-grandfather, Jack White. After being awarded the prestigious Victoria Cross in WW1, Jack returned to Manchester to work as a pattern cutting apprentice in a local factory. He rose through the ranks and became owner of Cottenham House – a grand red-brick warehouse where the brand still employs around 80 people; most of whom are highly skilled artisans who have worked in the factory and industry for generations.


    Freddie Anderson


    November 2020


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